QUAL3 Quality software for passive trapping HTO

QUAL3 is the software solution specifically developed and dedicated to ensure the quality and traceability of field sampling data until the final analysis of HTO volume activity in the laboratory.

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  • QUAL3 preview
  • QUAL3 screen preview

QUAL3 provides storage and management of all data during a tritium analysis campaign, through the PA3 passive trap. Using contactless traceability technology, the user transports his HTO sample and associated field data from the collection site to the analysis lab. In the laboratory, QUAL3 is responsible for centralizing the sampling, desorption and liquid scintillation analysis data.


  • Management of sampling and analysis
  • Map tracking of HTO measurements
  • Configuration of the PA3 trap
  • Compartive analysis of data
  • Help with the editing of activity reports
  • Notification of current analyses