ACtive trap PA3 The passive and smart tritium solution

Derived from the PA3 passive trap, this version is suitable for online sampling for chimney or glove box control. With 100% moisture adsorption efficiency, this active VERSION of PA3 becomes an easy-to-use, low-cost piece of equipment.

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The active PA3 trap consists of a truncated cartridge containing a molecular sieve (adsorbant material) and 2 chimneys allowing air to be sucked through the cartridge.

Due to this geometry, the output of adsorption in the mass of tritiated water is homogeneous over the entire sieve and 100% (the tritiated water is totally trapped) up to a suction rate of 4 liters per minute.

Rendement d’adsorption PA3 actif

The trapped mass of tritiated water is easily estimated. M(g) HTO - Flow - time - Ha

Masse d'eau adsorbée en fonction du temps par PA3 actif