BAN3 Desorption unit for passive trap PA3

BAN3 is the laboratory unit dedicated to the optimal desorption of PA3 passive traps. Thanks to its contactless technology, it collects field information recorded in PA3, thus ensuring quality monitoring and traceability of samples. Thanks to its> 99% desorption efficiency, PA3 can be directly reused in the field for a new sampling campaign.

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The operating principle of BAN3 is to heat the PA3 cartridge, so the water captured by the trap's molecular sieve will desorb the water in its vapor form. This water vapor is then directed, condensed and trapped in liquid form by a cold trap (Peltier technology). The entire aeraulic is maintained at an industrial vacuum of 100mBar to confine and maintain the tritiated sample in a laboratory glassware.

BAN3 collects field data saved into PA3 thanks to its contacless technology and ensures quality monitoring and traceability of samples during desorption.
QUAL3 centralizes and records all the information to assist the user in the calculation, analysis and monitoring of the HTO volume activity of the samples taken by PA3.


  • Regeneration of the PA3 trap
  • Confined tritiated water
  • No afterglow effect
  • Reading of field data by NFC
  • Easy to use by touchscreen
  • Quality/traceability by QUAL3