SMART PA3 The line of products suited to the removal of atmospheric tritium.

Based on a method patented by the Institute of Radioprotection and nuclear safety (IRSN), SMART PA3 is the complete answer to the continuous and passive radioactive atmospheric tritium sampling (HTO).

A broad scope of application

In close collaboration with the IRSN, E2S-Innovation has developed a full solution, self-contained and easy to deploy, also well suited to routine surveillance only in emergency situations or to the radiation protection of workers.

Suitable measuring instruments

In order to ensure quality monitoring and traceability of samples, from the field to the laboratory, PA3 (PATRI) technology has an NFC contactless technology that communicates with the measuring instruments:


These instruments allow for a levy in good conditions and collect and communicate continuously associated environmental data during measures between picks.

At any time, the mobile phone APP3 application allows the operator to instantly check the status of a levy on the ground by communicating with the PA3 device or measuring instruments.