PA3 (PATRI) Solution of tritium sampling passive and smart.

PA3 a novel device to trap passively atmospheric tritium (HTO) representative of the monitored environment.
Developed and developed by the laboratory LS3E of IRSN, PA3 technology is patented.

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During the picking process realized using PA3 the user is pro-active : it can monitor anytime in real-time the tritium sampling quality indicators.

Intelligence at user service

Equipped with contactless technology, PA3 is a carrier of information by transporting the data collected on the field. The PA3 trap, arriving at the laboratory, is identified and transmits data useful for calculating the volume activity of atmospheric tritium.

PA3 processus de prélèvement


  • Compact geometry and reusable
  • Continuous sampling from 1 day to 1 month
  • Electrical autonomy
  • Easily deployable
  • Robust technology
  • Not sensitive to weather conditions