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Frédéric PARRET, received a doctorate degree in microelectronics and Microsystem, is specialized in chemical, physical, and nuclear instrumentation. Fort of its scientific experiments (CNRS, CEA, IRSN), he created in 2013 the E2S-Innovationcompany, specializes in the design of complex systems, for monitoring the quality of air issues, meet with for objective the protection of man and the environment.


Our customers are master confront sources of atmospheric emissions and analyze continuous, but also to prevent risks to human health. In this context, E2S-Innovation mission is to develop and design innovative instruments able to answer lots of our clients problems in terms of performance, robustness and deployment capability.

Operational skills

E2S-Innovation relies on innovation to meet the expectations of its customers with more efficiency and transparency.

Technical and technological survey

E2S-Innovation is informed systematically about the latest developments in terms of solutions of instrumentation and measurement technologies.

R&D Program

Our service R & D is composed of doctors and additional engineers who bring expertise and multidisciplinary skills to develop innovative technological solutions. We understand the whole of the value chain: the choice of measurement technology to the development of embedded software and trades, electronics and mechanics.
E2S-Innovation is your unique interlocutor able to support all of your project: from the concept phase, to prototyping to industrialization.

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